Thursday, September 20, 2018


Keep It Simple When Training Pitchers

In an age where technology prevails, we sometimes make things a little too complicated.
We occasionally have to remind pitchers that their job is very simple. So, I created a few sayings to keep it in perspective.

There is always the debate about which is more important, speed or movement.
The easy answer: “The purpose of speed is to force a batter to make a quick decision. The purpose of movement is to make them regret that decision.”

Which is more important, speed or accuracy?
The easy answer is this. “If all parts of the body are firing in the most dynamic ways, in perfect sync, you will be faster AND you will be more accurate.” If speeding up the movement harms accuracy, your form probably needs serious attention.

Which pitches are best, up and down, or side to side? There are very successful pitchers in either category. See the strike zone as a box, sort of like they use on TV broadcasts of Major League Baseball. “Your job is to throw pitches that look like they will be in the box but suddenly move out of it, or throw pitches that seem to be outside the box but suddenly break into it.”


Pictured on left, from top,
sophomore #25 P Dori Loukopoulos 

(Chambersburg, PA), 
sophomore #4 P Abbey Mayse (Cecilton, MD).


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from an article:
Outties Anthem:
Why The Outfield Matters Most

By Haylie McCleney McCleney

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Outfielders are the last line of defense...

As outfielders, we make our pitchers look good (and yes, you can tell your pitcher I said that). We give the pitcher confidence that if they make a mistake, it's OK because we have her back.

Outfielders know and understand pressure and adversity. We throw people out at home. We rob home runs. We dive in the gap even if no one is backing us up. We deliver accurate throws to our cutoffs. We keep things in front of us.

But when we DON'T make plays… EVERYONE notices. After all, when an outfielder makes a mistake, it's not just one base that the runner gets -- it's probably two as well, sometimes even three extra bases...

I was always told in college that pressure is a privilege… It's a privilege to be that last line of defense...

From top, left-to-right, Wesley Wolverine
senior #8 OF Megan DiRubbio (Smyrna, DE),
sophomore #9 OF/C Miranda Kenny (Bethlehem, PA),
sophomore #32 OF Kelly Palmer (Hershey, PA),
sophomore #5 U Amanda Curry (Williamsport, MD).

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Tuesday, September 18

From top, left-to-right, Wesley Wolverines
sophomore #25 P Dori Loukopoulos (Chambersburg, PA), 
junior #23 IF Brooke Retkowski (Parkville, MD), 
junior #2 IF Karina Cardona (Cooper City, FL), 
sophomore #5 U Amanda Curry (Williamsport, MD) standing 
behind Brooke Retkowski, once again, here running, 
senior #13 IF Ashley Royer (Lititz, PA), 
freshman #11 P Jessica Anderson (Smyrna, DE).


Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Softball fundraising
Plan dinner this Sunday at
Dover’s Chipolte Mexican Grill

Fundraising this weekend, Sunday, September 23, for the Wesley Wolverines softball team couldn’t be easier.

Come by yourself or, better yet, grab your family, friends, and/or neighbors for dinner at Dover’s Chipolte, 1141 N Dupont Hwy Ste 10, between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Then, show the special promotion flyer (click here for it) on your smartphone at checkout and a whopping 33% of your purchase is donated to Wesley College Softball team.

Chipolte Mexican Grill
Funds earned go toward the costs of softball equipment, uniforms, travel expenses, etc.

For the uninitiated, Chipolte is a Mexican grill for casual dining, promising fast service with a commitment to serving ethically and naturally produced food. It is a favorite among many college students.

The restaurant specializes in tacos and burritos that are built by you, the dining customer, by picking his or her exact ingredients from servers standing in an assembly line fashion behind a counter. Click here for the Chipolte menu.

Chipolte is the Aztec name for smoked and dried jalapeno chili pepper.

From left, Wesley Wolverines
senior #8 OF Megan DiRubbio (Smyrna, DE),
sophomore #32 OF Kelly Palmer (Hershey, PA).

2018-19 BATTERY

definition SOFTBALL “BATTERY”: refers collectively to the pitcher and the catcher, who may also be called batterymates of one another. (The name was adopted from 1860s Civil War attack forces, known as batteries.)

Wesley Wolverine batterymates enjoy the benefit of being led by a true coaching battery: Head Coach Juli Greep, an All-Conference pitcher for McPherson College, and Assistant Coach Nina Marcano, an All-Eastern/ All-Conference catcher for Wesley College.

Pictured below, from top, left-to-right, batterymates freshman #11 Jessica Anderson (Smyrna, DE), freshman #21 Gabby Monzo (Somers Point, NJ), senior #13 Ashley Royer (Lititz, PA), freshman #15 Katie Dunlap (Dover, DE), sophomore #4 Abbey Mayse (Cecilton, MD), sophomore #9 Miranda Kenny (Bethlehem, PA), sophomore #5 Amanda Curry (Williamsport, MD), sophomore #25 Dori Loukopoulos (Chambersburg, PA).

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Special day well worth attending
Wesley softball alumni game
scheduled for September 29

Wesley’s softball alumni did more than attend classes, study hard and earn a degree.

They also spent countless hours in physical conditioning, weightlifting and an intense schedule of afternoon and weekend softball games, mostly doubleheaders, on the road and at home.

Most devoted the same time to their sport throughout high school. Many made it a routine from elementary school.

Then suddenly, it was over. Or, maybe not. At least for one day.

On Saturday, September 29, at 11:00 AM, representatives of the Wesley College Wolverine softball alumni return to DuPont Field. Those far afield in their professions and unable to attend will be with them in spirit.

There’s a special pride in wearing the Wolverine navy and white. So these women will one more time proudly take the field to play this day against the current 2018-19 undergraduate squad.

All of these graduates may be removed from the game but they are, of course, no strangers to its fastpitch batting, fielding, and base running. Now they will strive once again on dirt and grass for these annual seven innings. The returning Wesley players will be honored in a contest of both fun and friendly competition.

Backyard games and activities also are planned for the alumni and attending fans.

If you are a softball alumnus, please click here to sign up for the game. For further information, contact Head Softball Coach Juli Greep.


From top, Wesley Wolverines
sophomore #9 OF/C Miranda Kenny (Bethlehem, PA),
sophomore #25 P Dori Loukopoulos (Chambersburg, PA).


Plan to spend a day
Three fall-ball games
three weeks from today

Like last year, the Wesley Wolverines will play their fall-ball games this year on Saturday, October 6, at the Delcastle Park, 802 McKennans Church Road, Wilmington DE.

That’s just three weeks away! Mark your calendar and plan to attend with game times coming soon.

Billed as a “unique event”, a dozen college teams, as of this writing, will challenge each other on the same day alongside 34 travel-ball teams who will be holding their own separate tournament on the Delcastle fields, too.

It will be a full day of fastpitch action from collegiate competitors as well as those hoping to be playing at this next level next year and beyond.

The Wesley Wolverines will contest two games with the Ursinus Bears (Collegeville, PA) and a third game against the Widener Pride (Chester, PA).

In the same complex, the Gwynedd Mercy Griffins (Gwynedd Valley, PA) will be present who the Wesley Wolverines will face this coming season as part of the new Atlantic East Conference (AEC).

Other college teams playing the same day are the TCNJ Lions 
(Ewing Township, NJ), Usciences Devils (Philadelphia, PA), Bloomsburg Huskies (Bloomsburg, PA), Penn State Abington Lions (Abington, PA), Washington Shorewomen (Chesterton, MD), Jefferson Rams (Philadelphia, PA), Rowan Profs (Glassboro, NJ), East Stroudsburg Warriors (East Stroudsburg, PA)and Goldey-Beacom Lightning (Wilmington, DE).

Teams and schedules subject to change as we near the playing date.

Wesley Wolverine junior #23 IF Brooke Retkowski (Parkville, MD).